Monday, November 2, 2015

November TBR

My TBR isn't overly ambitious this month either, with only four books. I don't know how much time I'll have to read, and I don't want to pressure myself into reading so much that I'll just be stressed. But I will definitely be reading all of these. 

I'm currently reading Magonia and The Greek Myths. I'm absolutely loving Magonia so far, and I'm over halfway already. I've recieved an e-arc for Coal River, and will therefore be reading this before it comes out at the end of November, and will be posting a review for it. The last book, The Bohemians of the Latin Quarter is a book I'm reading for school, and hopefully I will finish that as soon as possible, so I can actually do my schoolwork on it. 

Magonia // The Bohemians of the Latin Quarter: Scenes De La Vie Boheme // Coal River // The Greek Myths
Whilst these are the only books that I definitely will read, I have some other books that I want to read if I have the time.

Do you have any reading plans this month?

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