Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Things I've Wanted To Learn Or Do After Reading About Them

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


This week the topic is things that I've wanted to learn, or do, after reading about them in a book. This is a very interesting topic, because you can be inspired to learn so many things after reading different books!

Learn to play the cello
Even though I play the violin, I've always had a weak spot for the cello. I just love the ability it has to play really deep notes, and I find it a lot more emotional at times. Therefore, after reading this, I really wanted to learn, and I still want to.

Learn to be a badass assassin
I just find Celaena to be such a cool, badass heroine. Though I would prefer to learn in a different way than she did, I want to be just as cool as her.

Learn archery
I know that this is on a lot of lists this week, and I have to agree with all of them! When I first read The Hunger Games I really wanted to be as good as Katniss with a bow & arrow, however, I have never

Learn magic
This may not be a very realistic thing to want to learn, but I still want to. I can imagine going to a school like Hogwarts with different classes about magic.

Learn survival skills
The main character in this book does not have a lot of survival skills, she's just a normal girl. But she has no choice after the moon moves closer to the earth, and when I was done with this book I really wanted to learn how to survive events like that.

Learn French
The fact that I wanted to learn French can't be credited to only Anna and the French Kiss, seeing that I did take French at school before reading it. But after reading this, I really wanted to go to Paris and be able to speak French fluently, so this has helped motivate me.

Go on a road trip
I've never been on a road trip like the one in this book. I've been on road trips with my family, but I don't feel like that counts. I want to go on an unplanned adventure with my best friend, not a trip where everything is planned out with my parents.

Play a lot of video games
I have to admit, I already play quite a lot of video games. Not extremely much, but more than most of my friends. After reading this  I really wanted to have an online world like OASIS, though I would prefer that the real world stayed nice. This also made me want to play the old school games, that I never really got into, because I was born too late.

Read the original fairytales
Cinder is not the only book that fits into this category, but I chose it's cover because I'm currently obsessed with that series. I always enjoy a good fairytale retelling, and they always make me want to read the original fairytale again, though I already know most of the story.

Study literature
Again, this is not something only one book can get credit for. All book sin general made me want to study literature, and my love for reading is what made me apply a bachelor in English Literature, which I'm starting this fall.

What things have you wanted to learn, or do, after reading a book? Have a great day!


  1. I'd like to go on a road trip too, I've been with my family, but I'd like to go on one with my friends!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/26/top-ten-tuesday-67/

  2. Ohh Cinder definitely got me into reading more fairy tales and retellings! IT IS EPIC. Actually it's on my list too but for a different reason haha. ;D OH. And I really would love to shoot archery like Katniss. #goals And cello is the most gorgeous instrument of ever, I thoroughly attest to that! I play(ed) cello, heh, and while I haven't played in a year, reading If I Stay made me miss it so much!! Here's my TTT!