Thursday, June 23, 2016

View from page thirty: Inborn

Book: Inborn (The Birthright #1)
Author: Amy Saunders
Genre: Science Fiction

Goodreads synopsis:
Rosamund Brandt has had a semi normal life for sixteen years. Well, semi normal for a family descended from aliens. Sure, she could create portals and her family had a secret basement. But she went to school, had a best friend, and got her driving permit like every other teen.

However, her definition of "normal" unravels when a killer with multiple powers and an agenda steps into town. When Rosamund herself becomes a target, she has a choice between playing the killer's game and saving a few, or getting to the core of the murders and stopping them for good.

Rosamund's choice will save everyone she cares about - or unleash a new era for herself and her family, shattering whatever hope for going back to normal she had.

My view from page thirty:
Technically, this is more like view from page thirty-six, but I could't stop in the middle of a chapter.

So far, this book seems okay. The beginning starts with Rosamund and her family going through an escape drill in the middle of the night, when Rosamund stumbles over a dead body. That's a pretty action-packed start, and it grabs your attention.

I have yet to get used to the writing style, so I'm not reading it as smoothly as I would like to, but that usually changes when I get really into the book. It takes time to get used to different writing styles, and it doesn't mean that this book is written bad.

We then follow Rosamund the next day, where she meets Lachlan, a new boy at her school. Chapter two ends in a small cliffhanger, and I can honestly say that I'm intrigued as to what is going to happen. 

I hope I can connect with Rosamund, though her ancestors are aliens, and I hope I'm not disappointed by this book.

When I'm finished with it, I will write a full review and post it here.

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