Monday, May 8, 2017

View From Page Thirty: Girl with a Pearl Earring

Book: Girl with a Pearl Earring
Author: Tracy Chevalier
Genre: Historical Fiction

Goodreads synopsis:
With precisely 35 canvases to his credit, the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer represents one of the great enigmas of the 17th-century art. The meager facts of his biography have been gleaned from a handful of legal documents. Yet Vermeer's extraordinary paintings of domestic life, with their subtle play of light and texture, have come to define the Dutch golden age.

His portrait of the anonymous Girl with a Pearl Earring has exerted a particular fascination for centuries - and it is this magnetic painting that lies at the heart of Tracy Chevalier's second novel of the same title. 

Girl with a Pearl Earring centers on Vermeer's prosperous Delft household during the 1660s. When Griet, the novel's quietly perceptive heroine, is hired as a servant, turmoil follows. First, the 16-year-old narrator becomes increasingly intimate with her master. Then Vermeer employs her as his assistant - and ultimately has Griet sit for him as a model.

My view from page thirty:
I jumped into this novel completely blind, not even having read the synopsis of the book. Even though I'm only 30 pages into the book, I am enjoying it so fat. I don't really know what to expect, or what will happen, but I am still excited. 

I am curious as to how Griet will adapt to the Vermeer's household. She seems like a great character so far, and I really hope I'll connect with her and grow to care for her as the book continues. 

There's not much more to say really, as there hasn't really happened that much yet, but it hasn't been boring either. 

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